Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society (SLWCS) is the first organization established outside of Sri Lanka with the sole purpose to conserve the dwindling biodiversity of Sri Lanka.

SLWCS projects offer great opportunities for regular people to get involved in actual field research, in-situ conservation, community development and capacity building programs. We have been working with volunteers since 2000 and they have helped us immensely in fulfilling our goals and objectives. SLWCSs strong community and government institution ties, logistical capabilities and experience in in-situ research also enables us to effectively partner with trained individuals and groups from universities and conservation groups in conducting research and community development programs.

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The  Turtle Conservation Project (TCP) was established in 1993 and in March 1995 it was registered as an Independent Sri Lankan non-governmental organisation (NGO) with the Central Environmental Authority (CEA). TCP aims to devise and facilitate the implementation of sustainable marine turtle conservation strategies through education research and community participation.

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The main aim of the koskoda sea turtle conservation project is to monitor local sea turtle activity and conserve the local nesting sites. We aim to make the public more aware of how endangered these beautiful creatures are and just how important it is to help protect them before it is too late. One of the most important activities of the project is its hatchery. Within the sanctuary of the project, collected and rescued eggs can hatch safely away from predators before being released into the sea at night-time.

Volunteering at the KSTCP is a very hands-on experience involving beach conservation work, maintenance of the turtle hatchery, turtle feeding (and cleaning!) and even taking tours round the project for locals and tourists! For more details please contact




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