Association for Nature (WOLF) is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to conservation of mammals, particularly carnivores, and their habitats. Their mission is to protect endangered species and preserve their habitats. They are aiming to became a centre of excellence in research and education on carnivores and their habitats, working to achieve best practice in their conservation and management in Poland and abroad. Individuals interested in mammal ecology and conservation are invited to volunteer to assist them in the study of wolves, lynx, medium size carnivores and bats. Volunteers should be able to stay for at least two months, during which time you will carry out fieldwork involving spending days (and sometimes nights) in the mountains. Duties may include: searching for and collecting/recording different evidences of carnivore species e.g. tracks, scats, scent-marking; snow-tracking in the winter season and conducting transects through the forest in the vegetation season; observation of animal dens and searching for new dens, etc.

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