Wildlife Conservation Nepal, a non-governmental organisation was established with a view to protect and conserve natural heritage and disseminate information on environment and wildlife issues.

 WCN protects and conserves endangered species by monitoring illegal wildlife trade and conducts field level activities to safeguard wildlife species in their natural habitat. Similarly, it designs and conducts researches, trainings and workshops and enhances capacity of enforcement officials in combating wildlife trade. Furthermore, it provides leadership trainings to young individuals and students so that wildlife is protected in their natural habitat.

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Safe environment Nepal (SEN), a non- profit organization, aims conserve the environment in a sustainable way. This is a women leading organization that believes on the power of youth to protect the environment. It aims to unite and motivate youth in environmental development; to make contribution in minimizing environmental problem; to form youth network worldwide to cope with burning environmental problems; and to conserve nature.

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The National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) was established in 1982 by a Legislative Act as an autonomous and not-for-profit organization, mandated to work in the field of nature conservation in Nepal. For over two decades, the Trust has successfully undertaken over 200 small and large projects on nature conservation, biodiversity as well as cultural heritage protection, ecotourism, and sustainable development.

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The Bear Research & Conservation Nepal  (BRCN) is an Environmental non-governmental organization, concerned with healthy wildlife populations and their habitats throughout the mystical Himalayan nation. Wildlife education is a priority of BRCN. Their goal is to promote public awareness about the wildlife, wild bear populations, and environment through widespread educational programs.

The BRCN also involves in wildlife research and management. They collaborate with local, national and international organizations to conserve, restore and enhance wildlife habitat.

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The Biodiversity Research and Training Forum (BRTF), is a non-governmental, non-profitable, national level organization, which is legally registered in Government of Nepal at District Administration Office, Kaski and Social Welfare Council (SWC), Kathmandu, Nepal in 2002. The Biodiversity Research and Training Forum has been dedicated to conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems. BRTF is established for sustainable development and conservation of Biodiversity through research, training, awareness programme and developing human capacity towards the biodiversity conservation. It works with community by involving and encouraging them for biodiversity conservation.

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The goal of this initiative is to contribute for conservation of otters in Nepal through research and information sharing.

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