Management in the Guen- Galuut Nature Reserve focuses on mitigating adverse impacts to biodiversity and natural integrity of the reserve and developing ecotourism.
Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve was established in 2003 as a local protected area of Mongolia and “Gun-Galuut” community association including indigenous people has been in charge of its protection very well. Gun-Galuut has rich and diverse natural resources, including unique ecosystems, landscapes and native plants and rare animals, such as Argali wild sheep, White-naped crane, Hooded crane, Swan goose, Siberian crane and Whooper swan., etc. The Association is responsible for conserving and enhancing the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the reserve and improving opportunities for public understanding and enjoyment of the reserve.

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The cornerstone of The Itgel Foundationメs activities is the implementation of grassroots projects that contribute to sustainable development and the protection of Mongolia’s cultural and environmental legacy. Our projects span the fields of health, agriculture, livelihoods, environment, education, human rights/social justice, and cultural preservation, reflecting our holistic approach to sustainable, community development.

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