TAT Turtle Sanctuary is located in Teluk Sri Intan, one of few remaining turtle landing beaches in Tioman Island, Malaysia. They are located between Berjaya Tioman Resort and Kampong Paya. The Juara Turtle Sanctuary (JTS) on Malaysia’s Tioman Island is a privately organized and funded sea turtle conservation effort that utilizes sea turtle endangerment as a vehicle to convey important worldwide issues of active environmental responsibility. JTS also works to coordinate sea turtle conservation throughout the Tioman Island area. The JTS is a turtle hatchery facility located in Kampung, Juara, on the eastern coast of Tioman Island. It is operated and maintained by a small group of dedicated individuals with the help of local and international volunteers.

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Help Our Penyu, HOPE, is a registered society and non-profit organization in Malaysia which through community-based turtle volunteer projects and outreach programs empowers Malaysians to act and save the sea turtles of Terengganu state for future generations.

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