Asian Rhino Project (ARP) is a non-profit, volunteer organisation raising awareness and support for the three Asian rhinoceros species. The mission of Asian Rhino Project is to raise awareness and provide support for the conservation of the three highly endangered Asian Rhinoceros species – the Sumatran Rhino, the Javan Rhino and the Indian Rhino.

SOS Rhino is looking for volunteers interested in helping save the Sumatran Rhino. Their Borneo Team is studying the demographics of the remaining animals in Tabin Wildlife Reserve. Volunteers will join a team and take  in their surveys, and depending on your experience, you can also help collect data, assist with building camp sites, write articles about your jungle experiences, become a fundraiser, or help teach English to some of their field staff.

For further information go to the SOS Rhino website and click on become a volunteer:

PPS Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue & Education Centre is one of the several wildlife rescue centres and wildlife transfer stations set up by the Gibbon Foundation to care for the ever increasing inflow of confiscated illegally kept and traded wildlife within Indonesia.

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Reef Artisan Collaborative Inc. is a multinational non-profit organization that works to implement conservation focused, sustainable livelihood programs built on the social, cultural and environmental capital of communities residing within Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Our work serves to decrease community dependency on natural resources and increase community welfare while conserving biodiversity. Goal:

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