BIOLOGIKA , the Society for Exploration and Conservation of Nature aims to provide professional and quality assistance in solving current problems in the protection of nature and offer original and professional-based solutions that will be used and reproduced by other non-governmental organizations.

Biologika has so far achieved a number of projects and quality training solutions that help improve the relationship of man to the marine environment.

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The Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation through its three programmes - scientific, education and conservation - carries out several projects aimed at recording data about the life of endangered marine organisms. Research focuses on large marine vertebrates with an aim to contribute to the protection and conservation of the marine environment through public awareness and education. Through this we try to support sustainable development of local, insular communities through cooperation and an interdisciplinary approach to conservation.

As a volunteer you spend your days working and living with crew members, going out on the sea to help with the field work, working in the centre and having daily lectures. Accomodation is shared with other volunteers, students, interns and researchers at the Blue World house.

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