Costa Rica

The Titi Conservation Alliance works to protect the endangered Titi (squirrel) Monkey through efforts focused on the Conservation of the area surrounding Manuel Antonio National Park.

Help reforest our Biological Corridor; participate in our Environmental Education Program (Spanish fluency required); help with fundraising efforts; or more. Please send an e- Mail to

Rancho Mastatal is an environmental learning and sustainable living center, rural sanctuary and lodge located in and on the edge of the last remaining virgin rainforest of Costa Rica’s beautiful Puriscal County. They practice, promote and teach about living responsibly in the Tropics while educating their visitors about the significance and majesty of the world’s disappearing tropical forests. 

Here you will find detailed information about volunteering opportunities.

La Tortuga Feliz is a non-profit organisation whose aims are the protection of sea turtles and the improvement of the living conditions and education of the local inhabitants. The local inhabitants generate income by cooperating in the project; they guard/patrol the beach together with the volunteers and assist with various agricultural activities. By helping to generate an income for the locals, they hope to take away the necessity for them to poach the turtles and again by working in partnership with them they seek to establish an ideal environment for the turtles to lay their eggs.

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PRETOMA is a Costa Rican non-profit NGO founded in 1997. They are a marine conservation and research organization working to protect ocean resources and promote sustainable fisheries policies in Costa Rica and Central America.

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ASOCIACION SALVEMOS LAS TORTUGAS DE PARISMINA (ASTOP) welcomes volunteers from all over the world who want to help them protect sea turtles. As a volunteer, you will work alongside their local turtle guides. On the nightly patrols, you will guard nesting turtles, learn to identify turtle tracks, count the number of eggs, record tag numbers and assist with relocating the eggs to their hatchery.

You will also monitor the hatchery, as well as other nests left on the beach, & safeguard the hatchlings on their first journey to the ocean.

Interested volunteers may email the turtle association directly at




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