Wildtracks is working towards the sustainable future of the natural resources for the people of Northeast Belize, through conservation, research, education and sustainable development.

The Manatee Rehabilitation Centre falls under the Wildtracks Conservation Programme, which has as its objective the long term protection of biodiversity of Belize. The Centre is
managed in partnership with the Belize Marine Mammal Stranding Network, and overseen by the National Manatee Working Group.The Manatee Rehabilitation Centre was established in 1999 by Wildtracks to care for orphaned or injured manatees found in Belizean waters, and prepare them for release back into the wild. Recently Howler monkeys are moved to the centre and will here be rehabilitated and released in the future

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Since its formation in 1969 the Belize Audubon Society (BAS) has been Belize's foremost environmental organization protecting Belize's precious natural resources while educating the public about their value and sustainable use.

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The Ya'axch← Conservation Trust promotes integrated landscape management for equitable development through sustainable land use management, strategic advocacy and awareness, and by supporting socially innovative and economically viable enterprises.

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