Conservacion Patagonica is dedicated to the Protection and Restoration of Wildland Ecosystems in Patagonia.

Created in 2000, Conservacion Patagonica has already placed 460,000 acres of critical Patagonian habitat into permanent protection. They've successfully created one Argentine national park, and are in the process of creating a second in Chile. They are results-oriented and seek conservation projects on a grand-scale, where strategy and actions are driven by the desire to achieve the highest level of conservation possible.

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The rehabilitation centre "Refugio del Caraya" is the first and only centre for rehabilitation of primates in Argentina and the only one, which works to rehabilitate the howler monkey.

For over 12 years the centre has been working with the species Alouatta Caraya (howler monkey or caraya), a species which inhabits the forests and jungles of Northeast Argentina.

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